Our offerings in Meteorology span Software Solutions to Integrated Systems and Project Management for weather monitoring including radars and satellite data reception systems.

We Understand Weather

Handling meteorological data and instrumentation is our forte. We were the first company in India to run NWP models for the Indian region, and have commissioned weather systems-from surface and upper air observations, to satellite data reception systems-in over 500 sites in India and neighboring countries.

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Weather Radars S /C/X Bands Klystrone Magantrone Solid state

Satellite data Receiving systems NOAA/NASA/METOPS INSAT

AWS Automatic Weather Monitoring Systems with telemetry

Digital Meteorological Data Dissemination(DMDD) Systems

Instrument for calibration of Radars and rainfall measurement

Cloud measurement

Airports visibility and runway instrumentation

Lightening detection and and Field Mills

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metGIS: Decision Support System for Weather Forecasting

MAUSAM Analysis and Visualization Software for weather sation data in real time

Agro-Weather reception and analysis of weather data in real time

Seismological Software and hardware

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Support for Instruments and Software

Customized Weather Forecasting for Operations in sea or land and specialised application like crane and fleet movements

Customized display systems for visualization & signage at airports hospitals schools colleges offices etc

Key Milestones

Our Partners