BKC WeatherSys has built partnerships with companies that provide class technologies
for Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences & Solar Radiation Measurements
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MetOne/Climatronics Corp., USA

MetOne/Climatronics Corp, USA manufactures an extensive line of automated observation systems and weather sensors for the accurate and reliable monitoring, recording and acquisition of a full range of meteorological parameters for the commercial, industrial and military markets.


BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor for MetOne and Climatronics products for India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Nepal & Bhutan.


We install and maintain Automatic Weather Stations that include MetOne meteorological sensors, ambient particulate and indoor particulate counters, dust monitors and data acquisition systems, across India.


We also offer Integrated Solar Weather Monitoring Systems that incorporate MetOne sensors specifically designed for solar resource applications and solar power plant monitoring.  The system is easily customizable for additional measurements, wireless communications, remote data monitoring and retrieval.