BKC WeatherSys has built partnerships with companies that provide class technologies
for Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences & Solar Radiation Measurements
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ES&S, Australia

ES&S is an advanced technology company, specializing in solutions in environmental and allied fields such as meteorology, hydrology, seismology, oceanography, air quality, and geotechnical engineering.


BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd. is the sole authorized distributor for ES&S products in India and neighbouring countries. With ES&S, we offer satellite data reception systems.


A few of our implemented projects with ES&S include:


  • Installation and support services for SATRAX-XL ground station, which is a high performance, dual X and L band system that tracks receives and processes data from NOAA, NASA, Terra and Aqua, EUMETSat, MetOp and NSMC Fengyun-1 spacecraft series.
  • Installation of 03 MetOp satellite data reception systems for India Meteorological Department (IMD).
  • Installation of 05 High Resolution Picture Transmission systems (HRPT NOAA/NASA) systems for the Indian Air Force.