We offer solutions for agricultural risk management, and disease & water management, including a proprietary GIS platform for analytics and automated crop weather advisory services.

Precision Agriculture based on Weather

Weather has a significant bearing on agricultural practices in India. We provide instrumentation for precision farming as well as a weather-based decision support system that can auto-generate advisories and customizable bulletins.

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Crop Canopy Scintillometers from Kipp and Zonen

Soil Moisture sensors and probes from Apogee

Distromet Ltd , Switzerland Products-Raindrop measurements

Apogee wide range of PAR sensors Radiometers Spectrophotometers

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metGIS AGRO: A Decision Support System for Agro Meteorology

Real time crop modelling for yield determination before harvest

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Support for Instruments and Software

Daily Weather based Advisory Bulletins

R&D Services for Crop and Disease Forecasting

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